Copyright information of the webpage of the Bureau of Labor Statistics USA

I really like the copyright, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in USA, has on their material on the website. Everything with public domain (except on material when it is not possible). It means peopla are free to use their material without specific permission. Although they ask people using it to cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Screenshot from the webpage of The Bureau of Labor Statistics in USA about copyright of their materials



Statistic Iceland has made new standard for classification of educational attainment

I put this blog here about the new standard for classification of educational attainment from Statistic Icleand (4. April 2017), so I will remember to use it in my next survey. Love to get this, is better than the old classification.

The news in English:

The news in Icelandic:

Screenshot from Statistic Iceland - New standard for classification of educational attainment

Skjámynd af frétt frá Hagstofunni um nýtt flokkunarkerfi fyrir menntunarstöðu einstaklinga

I did sign the Budapest Open Access Initiative

At the webpage of Budapest Open Access Initiative I did sign the orginal Budapest declaration as an individual, at the url

Organizations can also sign it. I recommend all research institutions and schools to do it and ofcourse all individuals.

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There are 6052 individuals that have signed it and 955 organizations. When looking up how many from Iceland have signed up, I did found four signatures, that hm… were actually only three because I did myself have two of them. Had forgotten I did sign this declaration few years ago when I was working at Reykjavík University. Therefore my name is twice now. The later one, that I did sign today, is done from my University of Iceland email.

To see the list of Icelandic signatures go to this searchurl:

Screenshot 2017-07-15 00.37.12


Women Leaders of Openness

Vicky Steeves, a Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility at NYU have made a list of women leaders of Openness which is built on a list of women working in the open which April Hatchcock made. She wrote a blog about why she was doing it June 20, 2017. April started this project because of a tweet by Lenny Teytelman  @lteytelman, where he say it seems to that conerences/boards about openness in science are only for men. He asks about recomendation for women leaders in OA/Science area.

Screenshot of twitter talk by Lenny Teytelman about women are missing in OA confrences/boards






Guide to writing

I found this Guide to writing (html) and as PDF from Lumen Learning. I know it would be useful for me to read through it. Will put it on my phone and read one and one chapter when in need for reading something. In it is material about English grammar (I am definately in need for that), punctuation, usage, sentence structure (oh, yes… I really have to work on my English), Writing process, research, MLA citations and APA citations.

A screenshot of the pdf "Guide to Writing" by Lumen Learning


I did send my Scopus information to ORCID

When I was making my profile page with Impactstory they could not find any publications associated with my ORCID. Then I got information about that I could send Scopus my details and my publication list to ORCID. It is done throught the tool Scopus ORCID importer wizard.

I also did make a tutorial about how to give Scopus permission to read your ORCID record. Scopus needs a permission to find authors profiles in Scopus and send the author Scopus ID to ORCID.

A screenshot from Scopus about how to send Scopus Author details and publication list to ORCID